Senate Campaign Kickoff

When I first ran for office in 2014 I ran because I was sick and tired of seeing battle buddies of mine come home from overseas and struggle to find work back home. Michigan had the second-highest veteran unemployment rate in the entire nation. I’ve been in the army the last 17 years and I decided to do something about that problem. I ran for office and won by a hundred and forty eight votes out of 35,000 that year in 2016. I was re-elected in won by almost twelve points. I think that shows the people who take principled positions can get re-elected. I want to take those hard work values and work ethic and run for the state Senate. When I was first elected to office I was appointed chairman of the military and veteran affairs committee and passed many bills that helped veterans in Michigan and I want to continue to take that to the next level in the state Senate. This term I’m fortunate to chair the Agriculture Committee in the State House of Representatives where I worked closely with farmers throughout Michigan to craft the best policy we can for one of our largest industries in our state. I’m committed to finding more skilled trade labor to help our farmers to grow their businesses and grow that opportunity for the rest of the people in the city Michigan. I knocked on more than 20,000 doors when I first campaigned for office and last year alone I walked more than 700 miles door-to-door campaigning for re-election. I promise to take the same work ethic that I’ve had working for the people of Eaton County to now work on behalf of the people of Eaton, Clinton, Shiawassee and Ingham County as well. I look forward to earning your vote and I appreciate your support.